Important Information Regarding Your IAA Flex Account

IAA Helps Lower Prescription Costs With a Discount Card

Prescription bottleInsurance Administrator of America wants you to be in the loop about value added products. IAA has teamed up with the National Prescription Savings Network to offer the IAA NPSN Rx Savings Card. This card is available to anyone, even if you are not enrolled in a public or private healthcare plan.

How the Card can Help

The IAA NPSN Rx Savings Card can be a helpful tool for brokers, employers and employees. Some benefits of this card are:

  • Accepted almost everywhere: More than 50,000 participate throughout the country. This includes nearly every major pharmacy chain as well as thousands of independent ones.
  • Affordable: The card is designed to help people afford their prescription costs. The discount provides card carriers with relief from the already high and continually rising cost of prescription medications.
  • Free and available to everyone via the IAA website
  • Lowest prices: Discounts range up to 75% off the retail price, but the average discount is nearly 50%.
  • Medications: All medications are eligible for discounts. This includes over- the- counter medications as well as diabetes supplies. The card covers every FDA approved prescription medication.
  • No restrictions: No paper enrollment forms, no fees, no eligibility required, no age or income requirements, no waiting period, no exclusions, and no limits.

Over 7.5 million participants have saved over $750 million to date on their prescription medications.

Who can Benefit From This Card?

Not sure if this card is right for you or your broker client? Does your situation fit into one of the following categories?

  • Covered by a High Deductible Plan that doesn’t offer discounts until your deductible is satisfied
  • Medicare “donut hole”
  • Purchasing prescriptions not covered by your insurer’s formulary
  • Uninsured
  • Under insured

If you are a broker who has a client with employees that fit into these categories, this savings card could help the life of their business. Healthy employees equates to a healthy business.

How IAA can Help

When it comes to prescription benefits, IAA is there for you! To enroll for a free card, simply fill out the online form and one will be sent to you. Once you have received your card, you can use it at any participating pharmacy. One out of three Americans lack adequate prescription coverage, this card can help. Remember, with IAA one call does it all.