Broker Smart™ Tools & Support

As your dedicated self-funded health care partner and expert, IAA stays with you every step of the way throughout each client interaction, providing you with the necessary marketing tools and educational support to promote the many benefits of self-funded health plans – including sales sheets, videos and testimonials that you can share with your prospects in advance of your final proposal.

In addition, when it comes time to present a self-funded health plan to your client, we'll gladly join the proposal meeting as your self-funded expert, there by your side to handle any and all tough self-funded health care questions that come up during the discussion. If necessary, we'll even attend self-funded plan proposal meetings in your place, while respecting and protecting your role in the process and acting as your self-funded health plan advocate.

IAA's Broker Smart™ support program also gives you and your client portfolio unrestricted access to IAA University. This comprehensive educational resource will help you discover the many customizable benefits of self-funded insurance, new program enhancements you can offer your clients, changing industry regulations and methods of identifying the best candidates for self-funded health care plans and benefits. We'll also offer specific webinars and educational programs that qualify for CE credits.

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